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A Natural Bittersweet

Posted on 2009.04.12 at 13:50
Life is just one big song. Lyrics are the words being spoken from your mouth and sometimes, if you get lucky, you can have an instrumental accompanist in the background.

You watch as the people fly by the café window. The coffee burns your tongue and the roof of your mouth but you hold it there, savoring the taste. It’s a little too strong for you and could use some sugar but you don’t flag down a waitress to ask for more.

The open notebook is staring you down and you can’t bring yourself to pick up the pencil. The words have been on the tips of your fingers for a while now. You have that feeling where you know what to say but not how to write it down. It frustrates you.

You take another drink of the coffee and it’s bitter. You’ve noticed that ninety percent of the time the last few drinks of coffee is bitter. You still can’t pull away. It’s an addiction you don’t want to lose.

You sit down the empty cup and sigh when you look out the window. The lady that was sitting on the bench with a baby is now gone and replaced by an older gentleman with sprinkles of gray in his dark hair.

None of these people know your face, your name, where your from or why you’re there. It’s something that soothes you in a way. They don’t know your past and you’ll never tell them.

It’s your time to start over. It’s your time now. The words are new lyrics for a new album. So close the notebook, don’t think, and let it come naturally.

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